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Types of Bank jobs and how to select which is best for you? (Salary details included)


Banking jobs are some of India’s most demanding jobs coveted by young people. But before we answer your question about how to get a job in a bank you must know what are the different types of bank jobs available and how to select the best one for you.


Best Bank Jobs

Here are the best bank jobs in India and their responsibilities to help you determine if they fit you.


Bank Clerk (INR 17,944 per month)

This bank job is for freshers and comes with responsibility and accountability. Clerks are responsible for routine administrative tasks like handling customer inquiries, processing transactions, managing paperwork, and maintaining records.


Banking Associate (INR 16,329 per month)

This bank job vacancy suits graduates with good communication skills and numerical and banking proficiency. Banking associates assist in various banking operations, including customer service, transaction processing, and administrative tasks.


Personal Banker (INR 16,919 per month)

Personal bankers provide financial advice to clients, offer banking solutions, manage accounts, and promote bank products. This private bank job demands strong customer service skills.


Loan Officer (INR 15,212 per month)

This very important bank job requires attention to detail and knowledge of lending regulations. Loan officers evaluate loan applications, assist clients with loan options, and guide them through loan approval.


Relationship Manager (INR 22,085 per month)

An individual with robust interpersonal abilities, sales proficiency, financial knowledge, and the capacity to comprehend and fulfil customer requirements is needed to occupy this position in the banking sector. As the name suggests, relationship managers maintain and enhance client relationships, provide financial advice, and cross-sell banking products.


Investment Banker (INR 43,608 per month)

Investment banker jobs are some of the most prestigious ones in banking. Having an advanced degree in addition to the mandatory bachelor’s can be advantageous when trying to be an investment banker. Investment bankers assist companies with financial strategies, mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising. Thus, this important job requires strong analytical skills, financial modelling expertise, communication skills, and knowledge of financial markets.


Treasury Analyst (INR 52,005 per month)

Another high-paying bank job is treasury analysis. Treasury analysts manage a bank’s financial assets, liquidity, and risk management strategies. They often advise decision-makers during mergers and acquisitions for this reason.


Probation Officer (INR 22,481 per month)

Another bank job for freshers, probation officers are often responsible for overseeing bank clerks’ work. But, the primary duty of this bank job is to process customer transactions.


How To Get A Bank Job?

The most basic qualification for a decent and well-established bank job is a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or other related field. Entry-level positions like that of bank clerks require only a high school diploma. Of course, the best banking jobs can only be acquired through advanced qualifications and experience.


Final words

There are many bank jobs available in the job market. However, due to the high demand and over-saturation of the job market, you must find a job that meets your qualifications and salary expectations. When you make the right choice, you can steadily climb the corporate ladder and earn your dream salary.

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