4 high-paying non engineering jobs for engineers


Some of the most sought after and high paying non engineering jobs for engineers pay upto 3 million INR per year. Read on to find out more!

In today’s changing job landscape, engineers have more choices than before. The search for well-paying non engineering jobs for engineers. These flexible experts are exploring new areas, using their problem-solving skills. In this journey, we uncover a space where engineering knowledge meets various industries, creating lots of good-paying opportunities. Join us to find the best non engineering jobs for engineers.

Investment Banking and Financial Services

When it comes to well-paying non engineering jobs for engineers, the finance sector stands out. Engineers use their strong analytical and problem-solving skills here. Roles like quantitative analysts, financial consultants, and investment bankers highlight engineers’ strengths. These positions not only pay well but also harness engineers’ unique abilities.

Wondering about the perks? Salaries are impressive with around INR 1.8 million per year averagely, and career growth potential is high. If you’re an engineer looking for top non-technical jobs with good pay, exploring investment banking and financial services could lead to a successful career change.

Management Consulting

When discussing the best non engineering jobs for engineers, management consulting takes the top spot. Engineers have a unique ability to make sense of complex systems, which makes them incredibly valuable as consultants.

In management consulting, engineers take on roles like strategy analysts and business developers. These positions mean working across various industries and tackling diverse challenges. The cherry on top? These roles offer high earning potential, with an average yearly salary of INR 2.2 million, and chances for rapid career advancement.

Product Manager

When it comes to the high paying, best non engineering jobs for engineers, the role of a Product Manager shines. This position falls under the category of non technical jobs for engineers and offers a remarkable avenue for those seeking diverse opportunities beyond traditional engineering roles.

Product Managers play a crucial role in bringing a product from conception to market, requiring a blend of strategic thinking, project management, and excellent communication. While not strictly engineering-focused, this role benefits greatly from an engineer’s ability to understand complex systems and solve intricate problems. The average annual salary is around INR 1.6 million.

Data Scientist

This falls into the category of non technical jobs for engineers, offering a prime opportunity for those seeking the best non engineering jobs that combine a strong analytical foundation with lucrative prospects.

Data Scientists analyse big data, find valuable insights, and make smart choices. Though not strictly traditional engineering, this role leans on engineers’ analytical and problem-solving skills. Plus, Data Scientists earn well around an average annual salary of INR 940,000 and is a non technical job for engineers.

Patent Examiner or Intellectual Property Specialist

Top non-engineering, high paying jobs like Patent Examiner or Intellectual Property Specialist suit engineers. These positions offer fulfilling, intellectually stimulating non technical jobs for engineers. Engineers in these roles use their technical knowledge to understand intricate inventions, playing a crucial role in patent grants and IP protection. With an annual salary of INR 650000, these roles combine engineers’ unique skills with rewarding prospects.

Final Words

In today’s ever-changing professional landscape, engineers are breaking the mould by excelling in high-paying non-engineering jobs. As engineers embrace these opportunities, they showcase the limitless potential of venturing beyond traditional paths to find success in the world of non engineering jobs.

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